Republican shouts out 'Yeah!' as Trump talks about war, vows to spend tons more on weapons

President Donald Trump actually did a good job at the start of his State of the Union address.

He acknowledged that "there are now more women in Congress than ever before," drawing huge applause from a mostly Democratic caucus.

He introduced a girl sitting alongside First Lady Melania Trump who beat brain cancer as a hero. She is - she gives inspiration to all of us.

But, then things got ugly.

Never mind his normal rhetoric about the wall. When Trump started speaking about withdrawing from the INF treaty, the room got really dark.

While he offered hope for a better deal with Russia and possibly bringing China into some sort of future agreement, Trump said if those things don't happen, he will be happy to spend tons more money outspending the rest of the world on building nuclear weapons.

Note: The United States already spends more money than the rest of the world, not to mention ten times more than Russia.

How much more does Trump want to spend?

Also, shortly after this, Trump oddly said that he if weren't president today, the United States would be currently engaged in a war with North Korea right now, drawing some weird looks from people in Congress.

“If I had not been elected president of the United States, we would right now, in my opinion, be in a major war with North Korea.”

One Republican Congressman even shouted out: 'Yeah!'

He apparently, according to reports, kept shouting it at different times during Trump's SOTU address, but this one was the loudest and most recognizable.