Republican lawmaker charged with drunk driving on NYE just days after telling people to drive safe

A top Republican lawmaker in the New York State Assembly has been charged with drunk driving on New Year's Eve, just one week after he wrote a column in the newspaper warning people to not drink and drive.

The Republican's name is Brian Kolb and he represents a district just outside Rochester.

Authorities claim they were called to a crash site and found Kolb inside his vehicle after he ran into a ditch. He was driving a 2018 GMC Acadia and arrested near his home after a sheriff's deputy administered a field sobriety test, which he failed. He was then escorted straight to jail.

"This was a terrible lapse in judgment, one I have urged others not to make, and I take full responsibility for it," the Republican lawmaker said in a written statement later.

"I made the wrong decision, and it is one I deeply regret," he said.

Ontario County Sheriff's Office

Ironically, just days earlier, Kolb was warning people to not drink and drive in a newspaper column he wrote for the Daily Messenger, while also acknowledging to citizens that December is National Drunk and Drugged Driving Prevention Month.

"Many of our holiday traditions, especially our New Year's Eve celebrations, involve indulging in spirits," he wrote. "Done safely, and in moderation, these can be wonderful holiday experiences. However, tragedy can be only one bad decision away."

He should have taken his own advice. Luckily, no one else was injured. That's not stopping people from calling for him to step down. Fellow Republican Assemblyman Kieran Michael Lalor says that needs to happen right away.

He"should step down as Assembly Minority Leader. That he hasn’t done so already is a disgrace."

In the past, Kolb tried to unsuccessfully unseat Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo before having to drop out of the race. He has represented his district since 2000 and has been the Assembly minority leader since 2009.