Rep. Doug Collins (R-GA) storms out of impeachment hearing like a big baby following rant (VIDEO)

House Judiciary Ranking Member Doug Collins stormed out of the impeachment hearing today after accusing people of being “biased against the president.”

"It is amazing to me that again, the things that will come out of this markup is not the simple fact that they are going to mark this up and send it to the floor, it is what they will perpetrate to try to hide the weakness of their argument,” the Republican congressman told the committee.

“Let’s keep putting stuff in here that proves your pathetic argument! The article itself–which is biased against the president–actually said there’s no way to link it but yet we are doing that every time here. Keep giving them, I’ll keep accepting them!” he said.

“Wonderful article! Great job! Because you’re making my point,” Collins said. “I guess I withdraw my objection on this. It makes my point, you have anymore you want to put in, keep going. This is not going to get you anywhere. I yield back.”

He then left the room, giving his remaining time to Chairman Jerry Nadler.

It was reported that he eventually came back. Maybe he just needed to cool off for a bit.

Doug Collins has repeatedly been quoted as saying the "transcript" was this and that.

But, the "transcript" wasn't even a transcript.

The document clearly labels it as "A memorandum of a Telephone Conversation (TELCON) is not a verbatim transcript of a discussion."

That's something else entirely. The title isn't confusing. It's an an overall account of a conversation and is not to be considered word-for-word.

Earlier, Collins made up the word "degregating."

That word doesn't even exist.