Protesters Take Over Judiciary Chairman's Senate Office, Raid The Entire Place (VIDEO)

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley's office has just been overtaken by protesters, who are calling on the Senate to deny the confirmation of Trump nominee Brett Kavanaugh to the nation's highest court.

Of particular concern is the issue of Roe v. Wade with women activists. They chanted over and over again: "Our bodies, our choice."

Grassley has recently come under fire for falsely claiming during Kavanaugh's confirmation hearing that the National Archives curated the Judge's documents. Senator Durbin had to call him out for it - it simply wasn't true.

No wonder his office has so many protesters today.

As the protesters overtook Grassley's office they also chanted out: 'We’ve got some things to talk about.'

One of the main reasons they decided to take over his office was because protesters weren't able to go into the hearings today - so they just made the next best obvious choice.

Today is day three in the confirmation process, and it will prove to be another long day full of questions for the next potential Supreme Court Justice. But, these folks aren't going anywhere.

Chuck Grassley is going to have a lot of people to face when he tries to get back into his office.