Press Secretary dials up the fear - 'Democrats want to lock our children away' (VIDEO)

In an interview with Fox News Saturday night, White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany dialed up the fear once more in defense of President Trump.

In response to a question, McEnany said, "This President has broken down barriers and paved the way to move forward to get through this pandemic and to restart the economy. It's a stark contrast to Democrats, that want to lock our children away, keep them out of schools, and ignoring the science which says it's perfectly ok to do."

McEnany praised Trump for breaking down barriers in stark contrast to his 2016 campaign promise to erect a border wall barrier (and have Mexico pay for it). She also accused Democrats of wanting to put kids in cages, ignoring the Trump putting real kids in real cages.

And lastly, in such a short interview, McEnany seemed to indicate that Trump has done everything possible to "get through this pandemic". That seems to contradict the facts that the U.S. has record numbers of cases each day, more cases and deaths than any other country and rising, the EU has barred travel from the U.S. and all states are experiencing hospital bed and protective equipment shortages. This doesn't really indicate the country is ready to get through the pandemic or reopen the economy, as much as everyone on the planet wants it to be so.