President Trump's schedule today is raising eyebrows - has very few things listed

On Friday, as we all know by now, President Donald Trump was first publicly accused by government authorities of committing a felony - more than one, actually.

One by one, Mueller is releasing more of his filings, and has still yet to drop the final report.

So - we know this weekend wasn't a good one for the president.

Trump Jr. is said to have also gone to Canada on a last minute hunting trip. Aides close to him say he doesn't want to be anywhere near a mic when the ball drops, which they think will be any minute now. Vanity Fair wrote on that.

Now - it's Monday. For most, it's the busiest day of the week after  a nice long weekend off from work. What about for the busiest person in the world? His schedule should be jam packed. Guess what? Nothing is on President Trump's schedule, except for one item. Lunch with Vice President Mike Pence. The rest of his day is left blank.

On another version of his schedule, posted to Twitter, it lists the same thing, except for the Presidential Daily Brief. Again - the schedule is entirely blank. The POTUS Schedule account made it clear to point out, though, that they will only name items of "public interest." Apparently, having lunch with the Vice President is a major event, as well is getting his daily brief? That is supposed to happen every day, right?

Do you get the point yet? Who is making this stuff up? The released schedule is either a complete joke or most likely there is some truth to the schedule. Trump really doesn't have much going on today.

The question is why.

We really want to be a fly on the wall in the conversation he's having with Pence. We expect Mueller's name is likely to come up.