President Trump: We're looking at sending 'big' checks to American workers immediately (VIDEO)

On Tuesday, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin outlined a stimulus plan, including payments to small businesses, loan guarantees to certain industries such as airlines and hotels, and a massive stimulus package to American workers.

"You can think of this as something like business interruption payments for the American workers."

When pressed on exactly how much they plan on handing out, as well as the timeline, Mnuchin said he was instructed to do this 'now.'

"This is now. We're going to work with the Senate who is in session right now actively. We will continue to have conversations with the House. I've already spoken to Speaker Pelosi once today. This is stuff that needs to be done now. The president has instructed me that this is no fault to American workers. For medical reasons, we are shutting down parts of this economy and we're going to use all the tools we have as I have said, and what tools we don't have, we're going to Congress."

President Trump started speaking at this point and said they're not talking about how much money workers will get yet, but it's a "substantial number." He then emphasized how big it was: "We're going big."

"We could keep going back every day or every week. No, we're going big. That's the way Mitch McConnell wants to go. That's the way I want to go and get it done. Let's have a big infusion as opposed to going to meetings everyday. We don't want to do it that way. We want to go big. We want to go solid."