President Trump Caught On Video Upsetting Former SCOTUS Anthony Kennedy

Right after President Trump held a formal swearing-in ceremony for Justice Kavanaugh, video was captured of Trump walking back inside the White House with former Justice Anthony Kennedy.

Brian Krassenstein, a Hill reporter, noticed an interesting exchange between the two men and posted it on his Twitter feed.

When you watch the video closely, the average person is unable to discern what is going on, except for the fact that Kennedy is noticeably rattled.

Here, watch for yourself.

So, what was said? That's the topic of discussion.

A lady who goes by the name Mrs. B on Twitter says that she is a lip reader and if she can get the tape in slo-mo, she will be able to describe exactly what was said.

In the meantime, she has a pretty good idea.

It has only been a few hours since the video, and follow-up discussion concerning the conversation has been online, so it's unlikely that Mrs. B or anyone else for that matter has a copy of the slo-mo version of the tape.

One Twitter user by the name "Resist Trump" says there is a clearer version on C-Span.

Right now, all we have from the video tape is that Kennedy was taken aback by whatever Trump said and he wasn't exactly happy about it.

So - we will leave it to you, America. What do you think was said?

We will update the story if any new information is presented.