President Trump altering his photos on official social media to make his fingers look longer

There is evidence that President Trump's official social media accounts have been altering his photos to not only make himself look more fit but to have longer fingers, as well.

Gizmodo first uncovered this and said "in recent months, there are at least three different retouched photos on his official Facebook and Instagram accounts."

Let's examine what they found.

Look at the photo on the left and then the right. The one on the left was released to Trump's social media accounts, while the right one is the original one.

It's obvious a digital editor was used of some kind by the White House (because the photo was taken by a White House photographer).

There's nothing wrong with trying to make the president look a little bit better for photos (the stomach portion was edited), but why did they make the finger longer?

If you zoom in on a close-up of the finger, that's exactly what happened.

The difference is very subtle, but once you see this short video of the differences, it's 100% obvious. Again - credit to Gizmodo for this demonstration.

This isn't the only time, though, as we previously mentioned.

Take a look at another example.

Here is a photo that was taken of Trump in Scotland in June of 2016 by Jeff J. Mitchell. Look how long his finger looks. Now, go check out the real photo on Getty Images.

Someone altered this one, too, for Trump's sake.

Trump may not be able to have longer hands but if he starts eating better he may be able to start having his photos less edited, at least in the stomach department.