Pompeo planning to resign because Trump is "hurting" him, report claims

Mike Pompeo, the Secretary of State, has reportedly expressed his desire to leave the Trump administration. According to Time magazine, he has already informed three senior Republicans of his plans.

We thought Pompeo was staying until at least next year but the report indicates that he's worried his connection to President Trump is hurting his reputation. Today's impeachment hearings implicating him in the bribery scandal didn't help either.

The three sources say that because of all this he is looking for the "smoothest possible exit."

Here's the other thing: Pompeo may not have discussed these plans with President Trump. The president may end up finding out about it through the press, likely further infuriating him and straining their relationship.

Right now, though, Pompeo's aides are denying the story. This is a common practice in the administration. They will deny and weeks later a resignation comes flying out. This has occurred time and time again.

“Secretary Pompeo is only focused on executing President Trump’s foreign policy goals and completing the mission for the American people at the State Department. Anyone who says otherwise is just wrong,” one person close to the secretary was quoted as saying.

Notice how they didn't deny the story.

Time Magazine, refusing to give up their sources, did reveal their background however: One served in the Trump administration, another remains in government, and the third one served in several high-ranking posts and is still active in GOP politics.

Remember: This is also coming at a time when Trump and people close to him are attacking Pompeo for all the damning testimony in the impeachment hearings. Congress is putting major pressure on the president. Trump says that Pompeo "made a mistake" by hiring top U.S. diplomat Bill Taylor, a supposed "Never Trumper."

“Here’s the problem: He’s a Never Trumper, and his lawyer is a Never Trumper,” Trump said of Taylor. “Mike Pompeo, everybody makes mistakes.”

Pompeo had to eat his own words after Trump's comment:

“We all, as human beings, can get it wrong,” Pompeo said. “We see things through a certain prism; we address things in a certain way. We all have a responsibility to make sure we’re getting it as right as we can each and every day.”

Pompeo knows the end is near, he's just not sure when that is yet. Our advice? Run, Forest, run.