Pompeo repeatedly avoids hard questioning, refuses to say if he met with Giuliani (VIDEO)

Andrea Mitchell noted on Friday that "Secretary Pompeo did everything he could to avoid discussing the president's lawyer" in an interview she did with him.

Mitchell: In mid-February, you were in Warsaw, Poland and so was Rudy Giuliani. During your time there did you meet with Giuliani?

It took him several seconds to respond, he just had a stone-cold look on his face.

Pompeo: You know, I don't talk about who I meet with. I went to Warsaw for a particular purpose, it was an important mission.

Translation: What happens in Fight Club, stays in Fight Club.

Pompeo tried to deflect the hard questioning and to divert to discussing about what he wanted to talk about instead. He sounded like a tape recorder at this point and just refused to acknowledge what the question was.

Mitchell followed up again: So, you're not going to say whether you met with him?

Pompeo: When I was in Warsaw, I had a singular focus.

Mitchell: It sounds like you're not going to say.

This is only a small segment of the interview but this is what was released by MSNBC so far.

Others reported that Pompeo bullied Mitchell, but we didn't think this. Instead, we observed a Secretary of State who is intentionally avoiding particular topics due to an ongoing investigation by House Democrats and authorities.

Former CIA director John Brennan jumped on Andrea Mitchell's show to weigh in on what he saw.

"I don't think Mike Pompeo is going to be able to make things right, frankly, due to the extent of the corruption that has been going on in this administration."

Just yesterday, Michael Mckinley, a senior advisor to Pompeo resigned, citing his poor leadership of the department.

Pompeo recently bragged: "I was the CIA Director. We lied, we cheated, we stole." He then started laughing.