Pharma CEO's forced to treat Trump like a child after he repeatedly asks same questions over and over (VIDEO)

Chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta is reporting that pharmaceutical executives at the White House had to explain to President Donald Trump on Monday that it wasn't possible to just rush a vaccine to market. Trump reportedly asked several times but he had to keep being told no, over and over again.

“During the meeting, several of the experts and the pharmaceutical industry CEOs had to explain to the president time and again that they cannot necessarily rush a vaccine on to the market,” said Acosta. “The president was sort of asking as he was going around the room, well, how quickly can we get a vaccine out on the market, and do it in three or four months.”

“At one point, Dr. Anthony Fauci, who is the infectious disease expert for the administration, at one point told the president, no, it is still going to be about a year, and the experts and the pharmaceutical CEOs were explaining to the president that there needs to be a vigorous testing process for the vaccines before you can put a vaccine out on the market,” said Acosta. “Obviously, you can’t put one out on the market for coronavirus if it has not been adequately tested, and they had to explain it for the president time and again.”

“You have a sense … there is an urgency on his part to address the issues,” added Acosta. “This is just not an instant gratification type of problem that we are dealing with, that this administration is dealing with right now.”

Trump is likely worried how this is going to have an effect on his presidency, and rightfully so, but keep in mind: Trump has a history of spreading vaccine conspiracies for years, so to hear him rush out a vaccine like this is extremely odd.

Back in 2012, Trump made it seem like vaccines were dangerous:

“A study says Autism is out of control–a 78% increase in 10 years,” Trump tweeted at the time. “Stop giving monstrous combined vaccinations immediately. Space out small individual shots–small babies can’t handle massive doses. Get smart–and fast–before it is too late.”

Again, he wrote that same year:

“Now they say obese women may cause Autism in children- nonsense, they use any excuse. The FDA should immediately stop mass dose vaccinations. If you spread single doses out over a short period of years, Autism would be greatly reduced. It’s just my opinion, but I know I’m right. Many people have noticed the problem only after the massive shot.”