People are screaming 'coward' outside the White House right now (VIDEO)

President Trump and the First Family are still barricaded inside the White House on Friday night, hours after they were ordered into lock down mode due to protesters swarming the area outside.

Now - hours later - there are still major problems.

Video on the scene shows someone screaming: "You f*cking coward!" The tensions are not calming down in the slightest as protests erupt in cities all across America.

Filmmaker Rob Reiner captured the sentiment accurately as this was all unfolding: "The United States of America has no President."

Things are so bad that the latest reports indicate "three officers down" at 17th and Pennsylvania Avenue, the closest public corner to the Northwest side of the White House. People are mad.

At 1 A.M. local time, in the middle of the night for President Trump, people are outside of his home still breaching the fence. The Secret Service is having trouble holding them all back.

The White House may as well be burning right now, because it is in spirit.

Protesters chased off a Fox News reporter, yelling obscenities at him.

Trump shouldn't have to take blame for what police officers did to George Floyd in Minneapolis on that fateful day on May 25th, but his actions, comments, and leadership surrounding the incident are his alone. He fired up the protesters by tweeting publicly that "shooting" them would be justified for "looting."