Outrage ensues after Pence travels 3 hours out of his way to stay at Trump's hotel

Vice President Mike Pence is staying at President Donald Trump's family golf resort at Doonbeg, Ireland which Trump purchased just two years before becoming US president.

Pence is scheduled to speak with Taoiseach (Irish Prime Minister) Leo Varadkar and Irish President Michael D Higgins in Dublin on Tuesday, which makes his choice of hotel stay that much more suspicious.

Looking on the map, Trump's resort is located on the far western most side of the island, while Dublin is on the absolute far right side. Why did he have to stay at a hotel that's three hours away?

Of course, U.S. taxpayers will put more money into Trump's personal coffers, and yes, President Trump does still profit off the resort.

This marks Pence's first official visit to the country as vice president and he has generational roots there. He hails Ireland as a place that is "very near to his family's heart."

While in Doonbeg he plans to have a private dinner at a restaurant owned by a distant cousin.

Despite his love for the area, his visit was met with protests in Dublin and in Shannon. An equal amount of outrage followed online, especially concerning the planning of his travel arrangements.

"Now we’re choppering him in to play golf at taxpayers expense! Why are we catering to his lifestyle and ethics violations? Why did Pence have to stay at Trump Turnberry while in Ireland? No other hotels around but Trump’s? WRONG!" said Beverly Ryan.

"Doonbeg is almost 300km (nearly 200 miles) away from Dublin for those who don't realize.   Instead of staying in a hotel in Dublin and not FLYING across the country in a helicopter, Pence will stay in Doonbeg, and get Trump paid for staying there..The Trump grift is real." claimed another frustrated citizen.

"Just to be clear, Dublin is not short of perfectly suitable hotels where Vice President Pence could stay..."

"Another insult to another Country,  cannot even stay in an Irish hotel.  Pence's nose is not brown enough yet I guess."

"Mike Pence will stay at Donald Trump’s golf hotel in Doonbeg during his two-day visit to Ireland and Republicans are fine with Trump using the office for personal gain WHILE he’s in office. Reminder: they made Carter sell his peanut farm."