Pence goes after Pelosi with strange threat: She'll be the last Speaker to sit in that chair (VIDEO)

Vice President Mike Pence isn't happy that Nancy Pelosi tore up President Trump's State of the Union speech last night - even though half of America loved it.

Pence also issued a veiled threat of some sort, and we can't quite make any sense of it:

"That's one of the reasons you see the momentum growing behind this president. And I just have a strong feeling that [Nancy Pelosi]'s going to be the last Speaker of the House to sit in that chair for a long time."

What does he mean the last Speaker? There will always be a Speaker of the House in that chair as long as the United States exists. It's just an odd thing to say.

Fox News won't stop talking about how disrespectful it was. One commentator said it was "probably the most disrespectful thing I've ever seen in my life."

Pence went on: "When Pelosi ripped up Trump's speech, she ripped up all the stories of everyday Americans the president was talking about in his speech."

Pence fails to mention that the real reason she ripped it up and she said so publicly afterwards, was because "it was a manifesto of mistruths." It was very symbolic for the Speaker of the House to tell the world that this speech does not represent America's values and that we will elect a new president this year.