Pelosi just announced possible use of stunning tactical move after officially impeaching Trump (VIDEO)

President Donald Trump decided to do a rally in Battle Creek, Michigan at the precise moment the House of Representatives voted to officially impeach him.

The vote ended up 229-198 for obstruction of Congress, just minutes after they also voted to impeach Trump for abusing his power.

Speaker Pelosi suggested after the House made the official impeachment that she could hold the articles indefinitely before sending them to the Senate, because Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell indicated he might hold a potential "unfair trial."

This would be a tactical move that would leave Trump in a sense of sustained, ongoing panic, not allowing the Senate to acquit him.

When she was pressed on this by reporters, she said she and the House will make that decision later on. This implies she's not ready to send them yet because of how the Senate is conducting itself.

While at the rally Trump said he wants to impeach Congress now, but that's not even constitutionally possible. While there are ways to remove members of Congress or in the Senate, impeachment isn't it.

Only a president, vice president or "civil officer" can be impeached, and only the House has this authority, not the president.

After making this absurd comment, Trump starts attacking Hillary.

"I hear she wants to run again. Wouldn't that be great?" The crowd then starts chanting "lock her up" over and over again. Trump then suggests Hillary might be able to go to jail now based on the Inspector General's report that was just released. He's the only one who has publicly suggested this is possible.

Trump thinks Bill Clinton calls Hillary "crooked" to her face. People in the crowd thought this was funny.

Trump made fun of Congressman Adam Schiff's looks and started mocking him after saying he doesn't make fun or anyone's looks anymore.

"I never even think about looks anymore, okay? I don't talk about looks of a male or female, but in his case, let's say, he's not exactly the best looking guy we've ever seen."