Pelosi: Trump was so "shaken" and had a "meltdown" just now that our meeting couldn't continue (VIDEO)

Democratic leaders met with President Donald Trump in the White House today but according to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, the meeting was cut short because Trump was so "shaken" up.

"What we witnessed on the part of the president was a meltdown, sad to say," Pelosi says.  Impeachment "did not come up," she adds.

Trump was apparently bothered by the House of Representatives vote today that saw 120 Republicans vote against Trump's Syria/Turkey decision. The total vote was 354-60. It wasn't even close.

“More than two to one of the Republicans voted to oppose what the President did. ... And that’s why we couldn't continue in the meeting. ... He was just not relating to the reality of it.”

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer says that Trump started berating Pelosi and calling her a "third-rate politician."

"He was insulting, particularly to the speaker. She kept her cool completely. But he called her third-rate politician. He said that there are communists involved and that you guys might like that. I mean, this was not a dialogue, it was sort of a diatribe, a nasty diatribe."

Nancy spoke further about the meeting she had with Trump in detail:

"We just came from the most unsatisfactory meeting at the White House. He just couldn't handle it so he kind of engaged in a meltdown."

"The meeting started by the president saying he never invited any of us there. It was very sad, it was very sad."

"I think now we have to pray for his health. Because this was a very serious meltdown on the part of the president."

Democratic House Majority Leader Hoyer was also there and says that after serving with 6 presidents he has never seen anything like this from a U.S. president.

"I have served with six presidents. I have been in many, many, many meetings like this. Never have I seen a president treat so disrespectfully a coequal branch of the government of the United States."