Pelosi surprises Trump: Thanks for re-opening govt, still might not let you give SOTU address

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is playing tough.

Today, after President Donald Trump announced he was temporarily re-opening government for three more weeks (with no border wall funding), Pelosi came out with this surprise: hold the phones, your SOTU address isn't back on, yet.

Here's what Pelosi said before reporters on Capitol Hill:

"The SOTU is not planned now. What I said to the president was that when government was open we will discuss a mutually agreeable date and I look forward to welcoming the president of the United States to the House of Representatives when we have that mutual deal."

Basically, Pelosi isn't ready to give Trump what he wants, even if she did just win the current standoff with him on his border wall.

You could say that's not very fair of Pelosi to do (Republicans are shouting right now because of it) but it's kind of smart. Trump is only re-opening the government for three more weeks and she's preparing for another possible confrontation with him.

Earlier in the day Nancy cracked this joke while gesturing towards her office decorations: “we could plant these flowers along the border and he’d say, ‘I got my wall.’

That's not too far from the truth.

Right now, though, Trump is threatening to bypass Congress completely and just use the military to build his wall. That would be unheard of. So, if that's his current game plan, then maybe he shouldn't give a SOTU address in front of the House of Representatives if he plans to continuously hold the federal government hostage every time he doesn't get his way legislatively.

Watch the entire press conference below: