Pelosi slams Trump after another one of his friends gets arrested in early morning raid (VIDEO)

Roger J. Stone Jr., the friend and longtime advisor to President Donald Trump, was just arrested and charged by Special Counsel Robert Mueller on seven counts, including obstruction of an official proceeding, making false statements and witness tampering.

The F.B.I. made an early morning visit to Mr. Stone's home in Fort Lauderdale, Fl. to take him into custody. Stone was surprised by the move and thought he would be going to court later that morning on his own accord.

Watch video of the FBI telling him "FBI. Open the door."

Not long after the news broke, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi slammed the president for the people he surrounds himself with:

"It's very interesting to see the kinds of people that the president of the United States surrounds himself with. This connection to the integrity of our elections is obviously something we have to get the truth about. But, it also bothers me to see his connections to Russia and the presidents suggestions that we should question whether we should be in NATO which is a dream come true for Vladimir Putin."

The Stone indictment is the latest to send shock waves through the Trump administration. More in Trump's inner circle, including "individual-1" are expected before Mueller's final report is released.

So, what did Trump have to say about all of this? Just his usual.

Other people disagree. Here's Texas Congressman Joaquin Castro on the news:

"At the end of Roger Stone’s interview with HPSCi everyone in the room knew he had just lied. Today’s indictment shows the connections between Stone, the Trump Campaign and Wikileaks. It shows further evidence of collusion/conspiracy."

So far, people are reporting all kinds of oddities like Stone thought WhatsApp was a secure method of communication. For those that don't know, that's a smartphone app that Facebook acquired not too long ago.

Given the fact that the indictment just happened this morning, expect more details to come out soon.