Pelosi, Schumer to meet with Trump and give him a firm reality check on his border wall

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.) are preparing to meet with President Donald Trump on Tuesday, and plan to offer him only $1.3 billion for his proposed border wall with Mexico.

That is likely to outrage Trump since costs are projected to be far above that. Trump has said he wanted to build it for around $15 billion and lately Trump has been demanding $5 billion according to the Washington Post in order to get something at least accomplished in order to appease his base.

Despite that - $1.3 billion is all they're offering. They are probably offering that amount to not only show Trump they are in charge, but also because they do want at least something in return - consideration for DACA recipients.

Considering Democrats are about to take over the House, too, when the new Congress comes into session next month, the likelihood of Trump getting is way is vastly diminishing. This is a new reality check for him.

The nitty, gritty details on this: Democrats in the House think even $1.6 billion for Trump's wall is too much. Republicans think it's too little. End case scenario: it won't get any support.

While the wall is a big topic for Trump, being it was his main campaign promise early on in his presidential run, the fight taking over Washington right now is trying to avoid a governmental shutdown over the budget. If both parties don't strike a deal by Dec. 21, that's what will happen.

House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) went on Fox News on Monday to claim that Democrats need to find a way to give them the $5 billion.

“The number is $5 billion. If there is a better way to get there than what the president has laid out, then they need to come with an alternative. They can’t come and say they want to shut the government down for no reason because they don’t want border security.”

Pelosi's response: The wall is "immoral" and Democrats simply will not fund it.

If by some odd chance, Trump does cave and accept the lower amount, Pelosi will have gone back on her previous word, but getting Trump to fund his wall for such a small amount would essentially be Trump declaring that's all it will take to get the job done - and it won't.