Pelosi needs to tell Trump: If you really want funding for your wall, give up the golf trips

President Donald Trump came out on Thursday claiming that all Democrats were "hypocrites" for saying that they won't support his border wall with Mexico.

Trump is mad that Nancy Pelosi, the incoming Speaker of the House, won't give him $5 billion.

Nancy Pelosi was just in the Oval Office on Tuesday, too, and explained to the president that he simply doesn't have the votes in the House or the Senate right now for legislation to be passed for more funding - never mind what she thinks.

"The fact is, there are no votes, a majority vote for a wall, no matter where you start," she said.

Trump tried to get into a debate with her on this, but she stood her ground.

Her point: Republicans are the majority in the House of Representatives, the Senate, and they control the Executive branch. If you want funding, go try and get it.

What she really should have told him is: Mr. President, if you want funding for your wall, you should give up your taxpayer-funded golf vacations every weekend that are costing millions. You can use that money for your silly wall.

But, alas, the comment never came to be.

Maybe, Pelosi or another member of Congress will see this and finally tell the president that. Heck, let's not wait for them to do it. The American people can get that point across very quickly. Just share the heck out of this article. This needs to be a talking point.

It was just announced that Trump will soon be enjoying a nice, 16 day vacation this holiday season at his Mar-a-Lago estate. He won't be working too hard for that wall while Republicans still control the majority. Why not?

Now - while it might be cute to think that Trump giving up golf will somehow be enough for him to fund his border wall - let's look at the numbers, shall we?

There has been much discussion on the true cost of Trump's golf outings and "data junkies" are crunching numbers somewhere in the area of around $72,000,000 - and that was back in July. Trump is going to be president (if he doesn't get impeached) for at least another two years. Go ahead and double that number to give us a rough, conservative estimate. That's $150 million give or take. That's no small chump change.

Whatever the actual number are, it's high. And, if Pelosi or another leader of the democratic Congress used this as a talking point, they wouldn't be focusing on the actual cost of his trips, but rather the principle of it. If Trump really wants that damn wall, he needs to sacrifice. And, he hasn't. That's the point.

What does he want to do instead? He wants people who earn a living working for the government to sacrifice. Trump stated on Tuesday that he is willing to shut down the government if he doesn't get his money. He didn't parse his words.

Trump: "I'm proud to shut down the government. I'll be the one to shut it down."

Think about what that means: Government workers might possibly have to go without paychecks for awhile. And, they won't be reimbursed for the lost time.

The government will shut down shortly before Christmas if Trump carries through on his threat, and while he'll be vacationing in Mar-a-Lago for 16 days, even while the new Democratic Congress gets sworn in, workers living paycheck to paycheck may not have all the funds they need to put heat on during the winter.

It's said that Trump is likely leaving for Mar-a-Lago the same day the government does shut down. Think about that for a second.

Trump, just give up the golf trips. And, then maybe Pelosi will give you some more money. Just an idea.