Pelosi has jokes: We could plant these flowers along the border and he'd say: 'I got my wall'

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi keeps bringing it - the jokes and the slams.

When she was asked how President Donald Trump will handle the issue of reopening the government without any wall money, she gestured towards her office decorations and said: “we could plant these flowers along the border and he’d say, ‘I got my wall.’

Keep 'em coming, Nancy.

Earlier in the day Nancy slammed Trump after it was announced that longtime friend and advisor Roger Stone was arrested by the FBI and indicted on seven counts by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Trump just gave a live speech from the Rose Garden of the White House claiming he was striking a deal with Democrats to re-open the government. And, no, he did not receive his $5.7 billion for the border wall. Instead, he is saying that Congress recognizes they will have to act.

Basically: Trump lost that fight with Pelosi. For now.

Previously Trump said that he would not cave until he received his wall but increasing pressure from a shortage of air traffic controllers not going to work caused a severe flight safety crisis in the country.

Trump maintains that he will shut down the government again in February if a deal on his wall isn't reached. He threatened to use other emergency powers at his disposal if this three week resolution fails for him, which would mean acting without the approval of Congress.