Paul Ryan is advising Fox CEO: Break up with Trump. He's 'embarrassing'

It looks like there is a much larger and more strategic battle taking place at Fox right now beyond the Shepard Smith/Tucker Carlson feud.

Those two guys spent two entire days arguing over Trump's Ukraine call and the significance of it.

Vanity Fair's Gabriel Sherman is reporting that as of right now Fox management has decided to side with Tucker Carlson, apparently telling Shepard Smith that if he didn't stop attacking Tucker he'd be taken off the air. Fox News CEO Suzanne Scott and president Jay Wallace were said to have made the declaration.

“They said if he does it again, he’s off the air,” the source said.

That aside - Fox Corp CEO Lachlan Murdoch (the company that oversees Fox News) is preparing for a post-Trump future. They aren't certain he'll be president again and they need to know how to shift their talking points.

Former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan actually sits on their board and is reportedly advising Murdoch to make a clean breakaway.

“Paul is embarrassed about Trump and now he has the power to do something about it,” the source said.

But, when Paul Ryan was Speaker he did nothing. He appealed to his political base. Now he has the courage all of a sudden to stand up to Trump? That's convenient.

Others are advising Murdoch to stay true to Trump's supporters in their coverage of this presidency: “We need to represent our viewers,” the source said. “Fox is about defending our viewers from the people who hate them. That’s where our power comes from. It’s not about Trump.”

Whatever the higher-ups decide, its very clear this is all about ratings and views. A person close to Murdoch said that no matter what, the network's "success has never depended on any one administration.”

Trump has attacked the network in recent days for revealing polls that show him being beat by his democratic opponents in 2020. Several in the company may appear to be loyal to him on television for right now, but if he's no longer in power, you can bet that they'll turn on him as fast as they started supporting him when he won.