Paul Manafort skips out on appearing at his sentencing

Former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort is deciding to skip out on his sentencing conference tomorrow.

He wrote the court, saying he was concerned with the "time involved in having the U.S. Marshal Service transport him to and from the courthouse." He was just looking out for them. That's the story he's going with.

Likely - Manafort just doesn't to go and needs an excuse to not appear. Can we blame him? The guy is going to prison for a long time if he doesn't somehow get a pardon from President Trump.

Several prominent Republicans are warning Trump that a pardon would be a bad idea, Senator Marco Rubio among them. Others say he should just go for it. What else do he have to lose? The White House is crumbling all around him, and let us not forget - there is still an "individual-1" named in the Mueller filings.

While it may be Manafort's prerogative whether or not he wants to be in attendance at his own sentencing, it's also another testament that the guy simply doesn't want to answer for his alleged "crimes and lies."