Panel of legal experts burst into laughter after Trump's lawyer explains his new defense strategy (VIDEO)

Former Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz is on President Donald Trump's impeachment defense team. A panel of experts on MSNBC couldn't help but laugh after he explained the president's new defense strategy.

Dershowitz is now arguing that abuse of power is not an impeachable offense.

“You cannot make any sense out of it. It is an absurd comment,” said former federal prosecutor Jill Wine-Banks. “It is the standard by which we have impeached in the past. If you listen to the witnesses at the House, three out of four said that is an impeachable offense. The articles against Richard Nixon included abuse of power. It is clearly what was intended by our framers. It’s what the Federalist Papers say, and it’s the thing that makes sense. Other high crimes and misdemeanors are exactly that. It isn’t under the federal statutes that they were talking about. Bribery isn’t under the federal statute because there was no federal bribery crime when the Constitution was passed. It was whatever people thought it was.”

“Andrew Johnson … was being impeached for abuse of power. There was no criminal offense underlying his impeachment. So that’s number one,” said Wiley. “But the second is, I want to pull out an argument that Alan Dershowitz made during the Mueller probe, which was that even if Donald Trump went to Putin when he was a candidate and said, ‘Hey, Putin, you know what, I’d be a great president for you, because I don’t agree with sanctions against Russia, I don’t agree with the Magnitsky Act, so look, you help me, I help you, we’re good.’ Alan Dershowitz wrote that that would not be impeachable.”

“So when you hear him make this argument, he is literally saying that even if everything Mueller found he could prove in a court of law, Donald Trump would not be impeachable!” said Wiley to more laughter in the room.