Ocasio-Cortez slams conservative media for circulating fake nude photo of her

Newly-elected Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been in the media a lot lately.

She has been under fierce attack from conservatives not only because she's a woman but because she's young and powerful, too. She's also the new face of the opposition, so she's a prime target.

On Wednesday night, Ocasio-Cortez decided to hit back (again) for Republicans circulating a fake nude photo of her. Not only that but the Daily Caller publication re-posted it and neglected to mention that it was a fake.

Ocasio-Cortez called the move "completely disgusting," and said that it's "no wonder they defended Kavanaugh so fiercely."

She's not afraid to speak her mind, so she can take care of herself. Don't worry about that. Earlier in the day she tweeted:

"If they want to make an example out of me, I will gladly be one.  Hopefully we can be an example of dedication, courage, and persistence under fire.  Or compassion, thoughtfulness, curiosity, justice, and zeal.  I also hope to be an example of not tolerating nonsense, too."

She also made waves on Tuesday night just after President Trump delivered a rare speech from the Oval Office calling on America to build a border wall at all costs, even if it meant shutting down the government indefinitely.

"He has separated children from their families. On the day of Christmas a child died in ICE custody. The president should not be asking for more money to an agency that has systematically violated human rights."

As far as the fake nude photo, a foot fetishist actually proved it wasn't real.

It showed a picture of a woman in a bathtub.

“I’m a contributor to wikifeet and even I have never seen a second toe like that!” Reddit user jokes_on_you commented on the post. They then linked to a known photo of Ocasio-Cortez’s feet and implied that the feet in the r/drama post couldn’t possibly belong to her. I asked jokes_on_you how they spotted the difference. “I’ve sucked enough toes in my life to recognize when something doesn’t look right,” they told me in a Reddit direct message. “Because we can’t dorsi- or plantarflex our 2nd-5th toes independently I knew it wasn’t a matter of the toe being bent. I thought that maybe she has some form of brachydactyly but her Wikifeet page has clear evidence to the contrary. So it was clear to me that it wasn’t her feet.”