Obama Tells The Nation Who He's Endorsing In Election Just Minutes After Trump's Outburst

President Trump went on quite a lengthy (and typical) tirade this morning on Twitter, again accusing Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation as being a "witch hunt" and telling his Attorney General to halt the investigation.

See below:

Somehow, Trump thinks because he did this publicly, it's not obstruction of justice, but people in Congress are begging to differ. Here's Rep. Ted Lieu's take:

"Just because obstructs justice in full public view by calling on Sessions to interfere in Mueller investigation doesn't mean it's not obstruction of justice. Like when went on TV & said he fired Comey due to Russia investigation. That was also obstruction."

Just minutes after his tweet storms ended, former President Barack Obama decided to shift focus, and released to the world who his picks are to succeed in elected posts, both national and state selections, all around the country during the upcoming midterm elections.

Make sure you pass these picks on, so people know who are good officials to vote for. 

Obama announced that this was just his first wave of endorsements. It was reported that he expects to campaign in several states in the fall and will be issuing a second round of endorsements in advance of the election on November 6th.

More on the Trump rants: One reason could be due to an internal memo floating through the White House that has Trump concerned.

A new report from Murray Waas says that Trump was allegedly told in advance what was happening in the investigation and that's why he did what he did, which would prove obstruction of justice.