NRA stiffs staff with unpaid leave..threatens to take away insurance if they don't sign NDA

The National Rifle Association has shuttered its doors at its online media arm, otherwise known as NRATV. This much has already been known over the last several days.

But - what you might not know - is what is going on behind the scenes. Employees are currently getting majorly screwed over.

Stephen Gutowski, a writer for the Free Beacon, says that "multiple NRATV sources" tell him "the staff was informed today they were being placed on a sort of unpaid leave. They won't receive pay or severance at this point and their insurance has been canceled. They were given 21 days to sign an NDA in order to reactivate their insurance."

He claims that several staffers were informed by Ackerman McQueen, the ad agency to the NRATV staffers, that Ackerman would pay their Cobra insurance fees if they just signed anNDA agreement. "It includes a number of provisions" and "those who sign can't share certain certain confidential information or sue Ackerman," Gutowski said.

Here is a front page photocopy of that agreement:

This underscores all the problems the NRA has been having the last couple of years, and a lot of that has to do with finances.

Trump even urged the NRA to get its act together: “stop the internal fighting, & get back to GREATNESS — FAST!”

In sheer numbers, we're talking about nearly 40% of their workforce and that's because the NRA has been largely unable to fund its own operations profitably. A large part of that stems from producing content that has strayed from talking about gun rights, their core mission, and focused on extremism. Because of this, talk has been underway that they may even lose their tax-exempt status.

A quick note about the shutdown: past content might still continue but future screenings with its former employees, including personality Dana Loesch, will no longer take place.