Northam in a racist photo? McConnell also needs to resign for this.

The entire political world is focused on Virginia Governor Ralph Northam and a controversial photo from his medical school days depicting him appearing in either blackface or a KKK costume.

To make things weirder, Northam apologized for the photo, but then a day later said he's not sure if it is even him.

Regardless, the calls for him to resign have only amplified both on the left and the right.

Republicans immediately started to call Democrats hypocrites, because they assumed Democrats would defend him, but that plan soon evaporated. Hardly any Democrats did so. Instead, they want to see his Lieutenant Governor take his place, a man who descended from slaves himself.

If Republicans are so concerned with Northam's yearbook photo, maybe they should call on McConnell to resign for this photo, as well. It shows him appearing in front of a Confederate flag.

Just look at that smile.

Democrats have already made it clear that they are the party against racism, but because this incident involves a Democratic governor, they all of a sudden are on board with things? It just doesn't add up.

Actually, to the party affiliation point, Northam has been a lifelong Republican. It's one of the reasons Bernie Sanders refused to back him in 2017. He shares a lot of views with the Republican Party. The fact that he calls himself a Democrat today doesn't change that fact.

The truth is, photos and instances like these are a reoccurring theme for the GOP, not Democrats.

Heck, it has only been a week since Florida Secretary of State Michael Ertel had to resign after photos of him in blackface at a party leaked themselves to the press. He issued his resignation shortly afterwards to Gov. Ron DeSantis.

Not only does Governor Northam need to resign, but Mitch McConnell and anybody else in the Republican Party that have appeared in photos depicting or symbolizing racism or hate.