No one wants to be Trump's chief of staff, he's getting turned down by multiple people

Now that it has been confirmed that General John Kelly will be stepping down as President Trump's chief of staff at the end of the year, Trump is being tasked with finding a replacement.

That's proving to be a much tougher job than he thought.

Media reports suggested the job was in the bag for Vice President Mike Pence's chief of staff Nick Ayers, and that he would take a promotion. But, the Washington Post and many other sources said he simply didn't want the job.

The official story on that one: they couldn't agree on terms.

Trump tweeted out late Sunday night that any talk to the contrary was 'fake news' and that Nick Ayers was a 'spectacular person' but wasn't getting the job. The tweet was cryptic and didn't really get into details. We think we know why. It's probably because the Post's reporting was accurate: he really didn't want the job.

Now - to add another name to the mix - one of those "really great people" is budget director Mick Mulvaney. He was in the lineup in case Ayers didn't fit. And, he doesn't want the job either according to Politico reporter Nancy Cook. So much for that idea.

To make it worse: the other names on the list aren't all that interested.

So, who will Trump name? We don't know. Now is a really bad time to be named the new Chief of Staff to the President of the United States, considering Mueller's report on "individual-1" is hitting the pavement soon.

John Kelly really must have wanted out of there given that he couldn't wait until after Mueller's report hit.