New Photos Spark Rumors That First Lady Melania Lied About Kidney Operation To Get Boob Job

Remember all the media attention First Lady Melania Trump received just a few months ago for dropping off the map mysteriously? She went missing for approximately 24 days, almost an entire month, before finally being seen again in early June.

One explanation provided by the White House, was that Melania was in the hospital getting a 'kidney procedure.'

This was an official statement made to the public record when her spokeswoman inside the White House put out the statement that Melania "underwent an embolization procedure to treat a benign kidney condition."

They further stated that the treatment happened at Walter Reed Medical Center and would likely take only a week to recover. President Trump himself referred to it only as a "successful procedure' and that she was in 'good spirits' after the operation.

News of her operation spread everywhere: all the mainstream news outlets reported on it, and the country wished her a speedy recovery. Why shouldn't they? That's what the country does when a member of the First Family is in the hospital for any reason - no matter which side of the aisle you're on.

But - some are now doubting that story - and for reasons that are starting to reveal themselves in photographs being taken of the First Lady. They're noticing something about her figure standing out quite a bit more than it used to.

Keep in mind - this is all just speculation. There's no proof that Melania Trump actually had a boob job instead of a kidney operation. But, the photos, and there are many of them, are causing quite the stir.

If Melania did, in fact, lie about having the kidney operation, no one is going to fault her for undergoing an operation commonly performed on the female body thousands of times a year by Republican and Democratic women - but - she sure as heck shouldn't have told the country it was for health reasons.

One thing odd about her disappearance - if it was all for her kidney operation - was that the recovery time was only supposed to be a week but she made no public appearances for nearly a month - which is around the same recovery time a woman who gets a boob job is expected to take.

Either way - fiction or not - people are continuing to talk about this.

Boobgate might turn into bigger than Watergate if we give it enough time.