New court filing in New York suggests Trump Organization being investigated for insurance and bank fraud

In 2019 attorneys for Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance’s office subpoenaed Trump’s accounting firm, Mazars USA, as part of an investigation into the Trump Organization about payments made to two women who alleged affairs with the president. But the latest filing suggests Vance’s probe extends beyond the hush-money payments according to MSNBC.

The filing Monday argued that President Donald Trump should be forced to comply with a subpoena for his tax documents — and suggested that his company was under investigation for alleged insurance and bank fraud.

Trump’s lawyers last month said the grand jury subpoena for the tax returns was issued in bad faith and amounted to harassment of the president. The Supreme Court ultimately rejected claims by Trump’s lawyers that the president could not be criminally investigated while he was in office.

In the decision Chief Justice John Roberts wrote: "Since the earliest days of the Republic, 'every man' has included the president of the United States. Beginning with Jefferson  and carrying on through Clinton, presidents have uniformly testified or  produced documents in criminal proceedings when called upon by federal courts."

He added: "(W)e cannot conclude that absolute immunity is necessary or appropriate under Article II or the Supremacy Clause."

The filing says that the claims by Trump’s attorneys that the subpoena is “overbroad” because it focuses on so-called hush-money payments by his former attorney Michael Cohen in  2016 is a “false premise.”

The assertion “is fatally undermined by undisputed information in the public record”  that includes a previous statement to the court by Vance’s office that  says the subpoena is also related to “alleged insurance and bank fraud by the Trump Organization and its officers.”

“The reports, including investigations into the president’s wealth and an article on the congressional testimony of his former lawyer and fixer, Michael D. Cohen, said that the president may have illegally inflated his net worth and the value of his properties to lenders and insurer,” said the New York Times.

Even if Vance gets the documents they’ll be covered under grand jury rules for secrecy, so they won’t be available to the public until well after the election.