Nancy Pelosi's response to Trump's latest outburst today is pure gold (VIDEO)

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is on fire. Just wait until you see how she responded to Trump today, after his numerous attacks on her.

In addition to getting under President Trump's skin by saying he is having "temper tantrums," and getting White House advisor Kellyanne Conway all stirred up, Mrs. Pelosi is at it again, this time with another zinger.

Today, Trump held a press conference with farmers, announcing he would be giving $16 billion in aid to them amid his trade war. Never mind the fact that he's bailing out his failed economic policies with money from the U.S. Treasury, pay attention to what he said.

It was during this speech that he, again, called himself an "extremely stable genius," while attacking Pelosi and her fellow Dems.

Trump also said she wasn't smart enough to understand his trade deals.

Pelosi's response? Here, just take a look:

"When the 'extremely stable genius' starts acting more presidential, I’ll be happy to work with him on infrastructure, trade and other issues."

BOOM. You gotta love it. Someone give this lady a medal.

It was a clear, measured, and simple response no less. Compare and contrast that to Trump's press conference today and well, there's really no comparison.

Trump was so unnerved by being told he was having a "temper tantrum" that he made a big fuss about it in front of his White House guests. He called on his aides to come to his defense, publicly, in front of everyone to inform the world that he's not that hot-headed.

Trump maintains that he stayed "calm" and that the real culprit is Nancy Pelosi who apparently has "a lot of problems."

In further response to this, Pelosi instead stated that the President needs an "intervention" and is praying for him and the rest of the United States.

She iterated again that "Trump pounded the table and walked out the door" in their meeting.

If that's him being calm like his aides testified to earlier, then they're simply lying to cover their bosses ass.