Nancy Pelosi just stood up to Donald Trump to his face, inside the Oval Office (VIDEO)

Incoming Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer appeared in the Oval Office on Tuesday in a meeting with President Donald Trump on border security.

Trump is unhappy that Pelosi is only offering him $1.3 billion for his border wall when he is requesting that she give him $5 billion. She isn't budging.

To make matters worse - the two got into it in a quite contentious debate that was actually televised.

Trump is known for his theatrics and Pelosi didn't back down from him.

Here's what she told him: "The fact is, there are no votes, a majority vote for a wall, no matter where you start."

That reality must have been crushing to Trump, but he didn't let up.

Trump said, if I needed the votes, it would be done. Pelosi dared him: So go do it.

Trump's further excuse: It doesn't help cause we need ten democrats in the Senate. He then pointed over to Schumer.

Trump then backpedaled some more: "It doesn't help to take a vote in the House with Republicans, where I will easily win...."

Pelosi stopped him: You will not win.

Trump then went back to his argument of needing the Senate, but Pelosi reminded him: Right now you have the White House, the House and the Senate"...and you still couldn't get your wall done.

How's that for facts?

Here's the full video of the meeting: