Mueller releases late night filing. Confirms substantial criminal probe (Details)

Special Counsel Robert Mueller released a late night filing on Tuesday indicating that President Trump's former national security advisor Michael Flynn has been providing "substantial assistance" to the government in their ongoing investigation.

In what is most likely causing a lot of sweating in the Trump administration, Mueller is confirming that he is recommending no jail time for Flynn based on all the help he has and is currently still providing in their probe.

Not only that but Mueller confirmed that it is a criminal probe.

You can be sure that Mueller would not be letting Flynn off so lightly if he wasn't going after bigger fish. Trump should be worried.

Right now we don't know who is the subject of the criminal investigation but their name was redacted. It could be Trump Jr. who has been accused of lying to Congress. It could be President Trump and his son, as well as others.

One issue here is an illegal conversation Flynn had with Russia's ambassador on getting rid of Obama's sanctions against the country. That directly relates to collusion, quid pro quo issues. Trump claims he didn't know about it and made Flynn the fall guy. But, if Flynn goes on record as saying Trump and everyone else in the administration really were involved, well, that just proves Trump is the puppet master in this whole scandal and was lying the entire time.

That might not surprise anyone, but that doesn't mean Mueller is going to let that one go.

There are a whole host of subjects that Mueller is talking about with Flynn and in total they have had 19 interviews. Expect this investigation to hit Trump in more ways than one, though.

We will provide more information as it comes out.