Mueller Could Subpoena Trump After The President's Lawyers Play A Game Of Dice

Special Counsel Robert Mueller could take the extraordinary step of subpoenaing President Trump after the president's lawyers rejected the special counsel's latest terms for an interview, according to the New York Times.

Trump has stated numerous times for the record that he is willing to meet with Mueller, but somehow, after several months of saying he has nothing to hide, Trump and his lawyers are still refusing to meet with Mueller. Why?

That could certainly compel the special counsel to make Trump testify before a grand jury, making him the second president in history to be subpoenaed while in office.

Meanwhile - in other news - Donald Trump Jr. is crying out now saying that the 2016 Trump Tower meeting that he had, where he was promised dirt on Hillary Clinton, was nothing but a "bait and switch." He appeared on the Laura Ingraham show and said as much.

Trump's former long-time lawyer Michael Cohen, who is now being investigated for financial crimes including tax fraud, is reportedly prepared to tell Mueller under oath that Trump knew about the 2016 Trump Tower meeting in advance, despite telling the public previously that he didn't know about it.

That's a point of contention that's going to be very damaging politically for Trump, if true.

Trump's lawyers know that if he gets before Mueller under oath and admits he knew about the meeting, he's admitting he's a liar. If he denies it, he could be held criminally liable under law and lose the presidency. The stakes are high. That's why it is best for them to stall for time and avoid Mueller as long as possible.

Jay Sekulow, one of Trump's leading attorneys, said that they sent a response to Mueller's latest inquiry to meet with the president, but didn't comment much on everything they said. The Times reported that they are trying to select a much narrower path for answering questions than they previously alluded to. This is one dicey game they're playing that's not going to end well, we believe.