MSNBC Accidentally Releases Florida Vote-Count For Election - Does It Too Early

MSNBC just created quite the stir during a live broadcast with ALL IN host Chris Hayes.

It flashed a very detailed graphic showing the results of Tuesday's election with 99% of the vote in, causing mass confusion.

Clearly, MSNBC doesn't have the results of the election yet because there is still an entire day of voting left.

MSNBC screenshot

“Quick clarification here,” Chris Hayes tells viewers. “Just want to say, earlier this hour, uh, we showed a graphic of the Florida gubernatorial race. May have caught your eye because our system had inadvertently populated some test numbers. Obviously, we do not yet have any vote totals here, the night before the election. That was a misfire. Don’t worry. I was pretty confused when I saw it up there, to see it myself.”

So, what is going on here? Why is MSNBC doing these types of drills?

You can watch the show here: