"Million Unmasked March" draws 150 marchers

The "Million Unmasked March" was supposed to be a huge protest in Springfield Illinois, by parents and teacher against a mask mandate requiring students to wear masks when schools return this fall. Around 150 people showed up.

The Illinois State Board of Education released guidance that says face coverings will be required in schools this fall, according to Michael Rebresh, an organizer.

The crowd made up of parents and even teachers, believe that a mask mandate is equivalent to giving up their rights and all agree that requiring kids to wear masks to school is inhumane and cruel, according to WCIA.

“I don’t see why we need to put them in masks and give them the potential for psychological problems down the road,” said Rebresh. “And of course the potential of giving them more health problems down the road.”

The march also drew some counter protesters. Trevor Good, a junior at Glenwood High School, came out after one of the school’s board members advertised the march.

“Well nearly every virologist agrees that it is the safest way that kids can return to school, and i want to return to school, but with the stipulation that everyone wear a mask,” Good said. “It’s overwhelmingly clear. The safest way to go back to school is with a mask.”

According to WCIA, one protester was arrested by Springfield Police after she spit on a counter-protester carrying a sign that read, “Where are the other 999,000?”

“Did we have the turnout we wanted? No, we didn’t,” Mr. Rebresh said. “But the folks who did turn out showed up with great spirit.”