Mike Pence just tripped and fell while trying to climb stairs to board Air Force Two (VIDEO)

Vice President Mike Pence was just videotaped trying to board Air Force Two a little bit too fast, causing him to trip and fall down.

On camera, you can see the vice president practically run up the stairs without holding onto the hand rails. Maybe he thought this was a good look for him. He almost made it, too. Just before getting to the top of the stairs he stumbled to the floor, catching himself with his two hands.

Realizing this was all done publicly, the vice president than turned around in embarrassment, pulled down his suit jacket, and waved to personnel on the ground to let everyone know he was okay.

The incident is drawing parallels to President Trump's slow walk down a ramp after giving a speech at West Point, which makes this even funnier. Trump devoted several minutes to the whole story behind him going down the ramp in an attempt not to fall.

So far, we're not aware of any videos showing Joe Biden tripping and falling. Just saying.