Mike Pence offers advice to nation: 'Spend more time on your knees than on the Internet'

Vice President Mike Pence said during an event hosted by a Christian conservative advocacy group that he handles criticism by "extending grace."

He offered up advice to the nation, saying "No. 1 is, spend more time on your knees than on the Internet," while speaking at an Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) event.

"As a Christian believer we’re charged to pray for our loved ones, but also pray for our enemies. You have lots of opportunities in politics to do that,” Pence told ADF CEO Michael Farris.

“Forgiveness is a great gift, and my wife and I literally try to work through forgiving people who might speak woefully against us or might mischaracterize who we are and what our family’s all about,” he added.

Pence further said that “hate has no place in America, and the sinister ideologies of racism, bigotry and white supremacy must be defeated."

It's an odd comment to make considering he gave the statement while visiting with a hate group, that has for years been an pushing anti-LGBTQ agenda.

There's also more irony in his "knees" advice. And, he's getting a lot of flack for it online right now.

Trump once left an NFL games because players were taking a knee during the national anthem, a majorly divisive issue with Democrats and Republicans in the past.

Here's Pence on October 8, 2017:

"I left today's Colts game because POTUS and I will not dignify any event that disrespects our soldiers, our5 Flad, or our National Anthem."

It's all about symbolism, and perhaps the Vice President can choose his words and his audience carefully next time before offering words of advice.