Migrants shout 'no shower, no shower!' and Pence just stands there before walking away (VIDEO)

Vice President Mike Pence made a visit to two federal detention centers along the border on Friday.

In video that was captured by NBC News, The Vice President just stood there befuddled before eventually walking away when migrants were shouting "no shower, no shower."

Before he did, though, and immediately after he heard the shower complaints, all Pence could talk about with the officer standing next to him was how rowdy the crowd got and when the watch tower got involved.

The men were standing behind a chain-link fence and it didn't appear there was a lot of room to house all of them. The concrete floors were littered with silver thermal blankets.

The reporters traveling with Pence couldn't help but talk about how "horrendous" it smelled.

Pence later said that he at least saw evidence that the "system was overwhelmed."

Right now - at least half of what we hear about in the news is about what is going on at the border, and how bad conditions are.

Republicans insist things aren't that bad, and that Democrats like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who visited the border just last week are somehow making everything up.

Pence proved today what we already know: he just simply doesn't care enough. That's why he just stood there.