Melania Trump couldn't stop being booed at her "Be Best" event (VIDEO)

First Lady Melania Trump visited the Baltimore Youth Summit For Opioid Awareness on Tuesday, and was met with a chorus of loud boos.

Kate Bennett, a reporter with CNN, said that this was her first time the First Lady was booed at one of her solo events, in all her years of covering her. At first she thought it was just the "worst boos" she's seen but quickly realized this hadn't happened to just Melania before without President Trump being in attendance.

She was met with boos when she first walked onstage and through most of her five-minute speech.

The crowd was comprised mostly of middle and high school students, so that explains the constant chatter, but they just wouldn't stop.

Afterwards, she was again loudly booed as she was finishing her speech and walking offstage. She got a few cheers but the boos were overwhelming.

Perhaps the kids didn't like her husband calling their city “a disgusting, rat and rodent infested mess" where "no human being would want to live." Trump is quoted as saying this about the city of Baltimore, where they live. Yes, they may be kids, but they still hear things.

Of course, the goal of the event was to raise awareness about opioids and a good place to do that is with kids. We still admire First Lady Melania Trump for making the trip, no matter how controversial or uninviting it was.

For the record: Trump is donating his third-quarter salary ($100,000) to the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Health and it will be earmarked “to continue the ongoing fight against the opioid crisis.”

Watch more of her speech below: