Meghan McCain slams Trump for insulting her father 6 months after his death: "pathetic" man

On a day where President Trump should be focusing on his State of the Union address, the president took a few post-mortem shots at the belated Senator John McCain.

While at a private lunch earlier in the day, Trump said of McCain: "By the way, he wrote a book and the book bombed.”

Trump is still mad McCain betrayed him when voting against a measure to repeal President Obama's healthcare program.

His daughter, Meghan McCain, who drew rave reviews and the attention of the nation delivering her father's eulogy, did not let that comment stand. She took to Twitter to slam President Trump for the derisive comment, calling it "pathetic."

That's not the only person Trump attacked at the lunch.

He also took the opportunity to call former Vice President Joe Biden "dumb" and said that Senator Chuck Schumer of New York was a "nasty son of a b*tch." He also mocked Gov. Ralph Northam of Virginia for "choking like a dog" at his news conference trying to explain a racist yearbook photo, according to The New York Times.

Trump also made the statement of the day when he proudly said that he wanted Biden to run against him, since his gaffes were worse than his own:

“I hope it’s Biden,” Mr. Trump said. “Biden was never very smart. He was a terrible student. His gaffes are unbelievable. When I say something that you might think is a gaffe, it’s on purpose; it’s not a gaffe. When Biden says something dumb, it’s because he’s dumb.”