McConnell Says Democrats Invented 3 Women Accusers, Dozens Of Witnesses Using 3D Printer

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell took the Senate floor on Monday to bash Democrats, accusing them of making all of this up to hurt Judge Kavanaugh's confirmation to the United States Supreme Court.

McConnell used terms like "despicable," a "choreographed, smear campaign," and referred to the first allegation made against Kavanaugh that all of the witnesses (all four of them) "had no knowledge or no memory" of the event.

That was just act one he says.

"According to the reporter of this second allegation, now they're calling for even further delays, and further obstruction."

McConnell didn't mention the accusations that have been levied against Kavanaugh but sought to discredit them by saying that the second accusation wasn't even reported on in the New York Times.

McConnell didn't address Michael Avenatti's claims about representing a third accuser at all, other then to try and lump them into the previous two accusations, as if they are part of the same "conspiracy."

McConnell failed to also say that there are more than just a handful of witnesses. Avenatti says he has several witnesses ready to speak out.

Just as McConnell attempted to do, the entire Republican Party and their supporters are attacking the accusations against Kavanaugh, saying things like they are "baseless, etc."

Avenatti, who is representing his new client, and has inside information about the evidence, attacked those claims by fronting his own credibility on the matter.

He furthermore states that his client has impeccable credibility.

McConnell might prefer to not let his Senate Judiciary Committee turn into a total circus, thereby undermining President Trump's Supreme Court pick, and further delaying the process until after the midterms, but that's what could happen if all the evidence comes out on this.

Let's also not forget that even before the second and third accuser came forward, McConnell released a statement saying he would hear Dr. Ford out, but that this wasn't going to stop the confirmation. President Trump also came out on Monday saying this was just all politics.