Maxine Waters embarrasses the Treasury Secretary after he disrespects her (VIDEO)

In what some are calling one of the most embarrassing exchanges to take place so far this year between a Trump administration cabinet member and Congress, House Financial Services Chairwoman Maxine Waters just thoroughly, and straight-up put Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin in his place.

Actually, he did a good job at that all by himself. Maxine deserves a few assist points for following through.

Here is a brief run-down of the exchange:

Maxine Waters: Mr. Secretary, I want you to know that no other secretary has ever told us that the day before, that they were goign to limit their time in the way that you are doing. So if you want to us those as examples, you have acted differently than they have acted, and I have said that you may leave if you want.

Mnuchin: If you'd wish to keep me here so that I don't have my important meeting (more important than Congress) and continue to grill me, then we can do that and I will cancel my meeting and I will not be back here. I will be very clear, if that's the way you'd like to have this relationship.

Maxine: Thank you, the gentleman has agreed to stay.

Mnuchin: Starts mumbling. So, you're instructing me to stay here, and I should cancel my foreign meeting.

Maxine: No, you just made me an offer.

Mnuchin: No, I didn't make you an offer.

Maxine: Yes, you made me an offer that I accepted.

Just watch what he says next. It's completely disrespectful.

Watch the entire exchange below.

Maxine also asked the Treasury Secretary whether he would comply with a Democratic request for copies of six years of the president's personal and business tax returns.

“I want to acknowledge we have received the request,” Mnuchin said, refusing to say completely. “As I said before, we will follow the law. We are reviewing it with our internal legal department and I would leave it at that.”

It's almost as if Mnuchin had no respect for the committee or their questions.