Matt Gaetz: British kings were capable of pardoning Roger Stone, so Trump should do it too (VIDEO)

Congressman Matt Gaetz appeared as a guest on The View on Thursday and said that Roger Stone should be pardoned by President Trump, even though he was found guilty of witness tampering and lying to Congress.

His reasoning? Trump's power is king-like. Yes, he made this comparison.

SUNNY HOSTIN: For crimes of obstructing justice, witness tampering, lying to Congress, do you think Trump should pardon Roger Stone?

REP. MATT GAETZ: I do, and I think that it requires a review of the pardon power ā€“

MEGHAN McCAIN: Come on. Come on. He's the swampiest swamp creature.

GAETZ: Barack Obama pardoned over 1,700 people. Bill Clinton pardoned 450 people. Bill Clinton pardoned 16 people who were members of a Puerto Rican terrorist organization that planned murders at the Bronx Tavern.

JOY BEHAR: And he got plenty of flack for that, Bill Clinton.

HOSTIN: Perhaps that wasn't the right thing to do?

GAETZ: When we designed our Constitution, there were vestiges of the British monarchy that Americans still had some reverence for and one was the notion that the executive, that the sovereign, could extend unlimited grace for any reason, or no reason at all.

BEHAR: So Trump is the king?

GAETZ: That was an element of the British system that I was saying it was borrowed from.