Marco Rubio gets mocked for complaining about bad customer service at American Airlines

United States Senator Marco Rubio is getting roasted for having the nerve to complain about receiving poor customer service with American Airlines.

On Monday, he sounded really agitated that the airline company canceled his flight, and then canceled his re-booked flight.

Not only that but they then informed him that "every flight between Miami and DC is overbooked for the next 24 hours." He then lamented that it just wasn't his day.

via Marco Rubio

This caused a flurry of people to point out that his situation is not even comparable to the thousands of women and children being detained in detention camps along the border, an issue he isn't speaking out about.

"Poor little, Marco. I'm sure the children at the border sympathize with your discomfort," was one response.

"Sheesh, what a day! Imagine what kind of day the refugee children being kidnapped & abused in your Concentration Camps are having!!!  Thoughts & prayers for your suffering, Marco Rubio!" wrote another.

Someone was clever enough to bring up the issue of climate change, smartly pointing out that things could be looking very different here in the short-term future:

"I wonder how inconvenient air travel will become in 10-20 years when climate change really starts to ramp up."

Just last week, shortly before Independence Day, his own constituents protested the deplorable and inhumane conditions of immigrants of the Republican Party and Trump administration, which he consistently sides with, pleading for "No cages, no walls, and "stop the hate."

They showed up outside his office in Florida and told him that "family separation is torture."

But, the senator having his day ruined by not being able to get on a flight? We understand that's pretty important, too.

Rubio has consistently defended the Trump administration on this issue.