New York prosecutors just subpoenaed President Trump after he fought relentlessly to squash it

President Donald Trump has just been subpoenaed in New York by Manhattan state prosecutors according to several people involved in the matter and as reported on by the New York Times.

At issue in the matter is eight years of not only his personal but also his corporate tax returns. The accounting firm Trump used is supposed to be handing them over.

There is currently a criminal investigation ongoing in the state which is what prompted the subpoena we're told. Matters it will include involve the role the president and his family business played in the hush-money payments that were made just before the 2016 election. Michael Cohen is on the record saying that Trump lied about those payments.

One particular note: The criminal probe could be very broad in nature, and could be looking at moves "beyond actions taken during the 2016 campaign.” So if Trump or his organization did anything else fishy, it could be up for grabs, too.

Trump and his team of lawyers have been fighting relentlessly to challenge the subpoenas in federal court and he's even sued to block New York's new state law which authorized state officials to provide his state tax returns in response to congressional inquiries.

Trump promised to release his tax returns on the presidential campaign trail many times and says that the only thing keeping him from doing so is an ongoing IRS audit. The IRS has already said that he could if he wanted, and that's just an excuse. To date, Trump is the only modern president in history to not release his tax returns.