Lindsey Graham: Trump couldn't have done it. Criminals don't write checks. (VIDEO)

Senator Lindsey Graham is putting his foot in his mouth, again.

Speaking on the subject of President Donald Trump and a copy of the Trump check Michael Cohen provided to the House Oversight Committee on the Stormy Daniels payments, Graham said Trump couldn't be guilty.

Why? Criminals don't write checks.

"I've found most people don't write checks if they think they're involved in a crime."

What's funny about this, is the same thing is currently going on in the Jussie Smollett case.

Smollett, while still accused, also wrote a check to the two brothers who claim they were paid to help stage a fake hate crime against Smollett. Maybe Senator Graham has comments on that, too?

The truth is, criminals can and do write checks. Dumb criminals, that is.

What's even more troubling about this statement from Graham is that he heads the powerful Senate Judiciary Committee. The next Supreme Court Justice of the United States to be confirmed by the Senate will largely go through this guy's hands, should Republicans hold onto the chamber in the 2020 election, which is a strong possibility even if Democrats take back the presidency.