Lindsey Graham runs away from Marine Corps vet who confronts him (VIDEO)

Senator Lindsey Graham was just confronted by Marine Corps veteran Jeff Key who respectfully tried to engage him about President Donald Trump violating the U.S. Constitution.

Instead of hearing him out, he instead ran away.

Before the senator got away, though, here is what the man said:

I live in Louisiana, lots of friends in South Carolina.
I see how you're berated in the press, and I honestly believe that you believe in our democracy as I do."
I came to D.C. because I'm a marine, I went to Iraq, and I believe as I believe you do, that President Trump is not acting in accordance to his oath, the oath that you took and I did, to defend the constitution.

Graham stated: "Yeah, I don't agree with you, I got to go."

That whole exchange was fast. He refused to talk to the veteran for at least a minute, which is what you'd expect from someone trying to engage in a civil conversation. That's why we are calling Graham a coward.

Watch the whole thing transpire below:

It could be that Graham just didn't want to have a discussion while the cameras were rolling. The senator has been flip-flopping like a pancake on the issues as far as Trump is concerned. Everybody knows politics is being played out here at the highest level, and all Mr. Key wanted to do was talk about it.

While Graham is commonly referred to as Trump's loyal ally, the truth is their relationship is complicated.

Graham recently admitted that Trump has been "stupid" lately but he still is supporting the president.

"Here's the deal about Trump. He's a handful. Didn't vote for him."

Of course, the biggest news surrounding Graham is the fact that he's now wanting to investigate Joe Biden, instead of Trump who is close to facing a trial in the Senate, making Graham and his fellow Republican senators his jurors.

As head of the Senate Judiciary, Graham sent a letter to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo requesting documents relating to Biden's communications with Ukrainian officials. That should tell you where his focus is.